Wood is part of our life!

Present in almost all environments, its versatility allows it to be used on floors, ceilings, doors, windows, furniture, wallcovering, decoration objects, etc.


With it we work, rest, build, decorate. Therefore, wood is important in our lives and no one treats wood better than Renner.


Get to know our paints and varnishes solutions!


Our products

Our product portifolio includes a wide range of coatings technologies including polyurethanes, polyesters, nitro cellulose lacquers, mono and plural components water base, solvent and water base UV cure, conversion varnish, pre and post catalyzed coatings and more.

Renner Global Alliance

Renner Global Alliance is a projetc that intents to develop our operations world wide, combining global tecnologies and structures, with local experience. Therefore, we offer a broad renge of high solutions developed by an internacional team based in research and local experience.

We currently have 5 production plants and more than 100 distributors around the world.


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